What It Costs To Repair A Luxury Paint Job When The Job Is Scratched Or Dinged

13 August 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Luxury automotive paint customization is luxury because it is rare and can be costly. It is one of the few perks to buying and owning a very expensive luxury car since most people of means can also purchase extras like these amazing $12-20,000 luxury custom paint jobs. The buyers/owners often add them to their vehicles, which add to the value and mystique of their luxury rides. 

Yet, what happens when these amazing paint jobs are scratched, or worse, the car is dented or in an accident? Well, the paint job, as well as the car's damage, has to be fixed. Here is how you go about fixing a damaged but expensive paint job, and what it generally costs to make such repairs. 

The Entire Panel Has to Be Removed

Just as an example, say that you drive one of the world's most expensive cars and you request the $20,000 light-reflecting, diamond-particle paint job. It really is dazzling, but then someone hits your car and smashes in the front driver's side panel over the tire. Now what?

After an exchange of insurance information and a possible call to a lawyer, the vehicle is taken to a certified mechanic of the same makes and models of your damaged vehicle. The only way to fix this is to remove the entire panel and hopefully restore it. If the damage is too bad, the entire panel has to be replaced. Of course, since you asked for the luxury paint job, this entire new panel has to be treated to the same paint job. Depending on the cost of the replacement panel, plus about three to five thousand for the paint job to match the rest of the undamaged vehicle, the total cost could be somewhere close to ten or fifteen thousand dollars. 

A Medium Dent

A dent less than ten inches across can be removed by tapping and smoothing the dent out from the opposite side. The panel may still need to be removed so that the paint job can be removed and buffed out. Then a new coat is applied. It will cost less than a panel replacement, but more than just a scratch would cost. 

Just a Scratch

If you are fortunate to get just a scratch, the scratch can either be buffed out and repainted or filled in with a coating of the luxury paint. It will be smoothed out and made to look as though your car was never scratched. This particular paint repair may still cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the depth and length of the scratch.