Need A Truck? 4 Reasons To Choose Used Over New

7 August 2019
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You may be in the market for a new truck, but that doesn't mean you can't look at the used lot. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why you should buy a used truck. Many owner-operators purchase new trucks because they think they're the better option. However, that's not necessarily the case. Here are just four of the reasons buying a used truck is better than going with a brand-new model.

Spend Less Time in Repayment

When you're an owner-operator, you can't afford to have your operating budget tied up in long-term financial commitments. Unfortunately, that's what will happen when you purchase a brand-new truck. New trucks can cost thousands of dollars more than a comparable used truck, which means you'll be stuck with a longer finance term. One of the benefits of purchasing a used truck is that you'll spend less money, which means you'll pay it off quicker.

Get More Truck for Your Money

If you like the idea of getting more for your money, it's time to shop for a used truck, especially if you're on a tight budget. If you purchase a brand-new truck, you may have to settle for a basic model, one without any of the bells and whistles that you might have wanted. However, because used trucks cost less, you'll be able to afford one that has more of the accessories you were looking for.

Have an Easier Time Obtaining Financing

If you're just starting out as an owner-operator, you might not have had time to build up your credit, or your trucking history. Unfortunately, a lack of credit or trucking history can make it difficult to obtain financing on a brand-new truck. That's where a used truck comes into the picture. Financing a used truck is often easier than trying to finance a new one. If you're worried about your chances of financing a brand-new truck, or you've been turned down for financing, talk to your truck dealer about a used model.

Avoid Having Worries About Issues with New Trucks

When you're an owner-operator, you can't afford to be sidelined by truck problems. Unfortunately, you might have to deal with that if you purchase a brand-new truck. That's because there might be some bugs that will need to be worked out. However, used trucks have already been driven for a few miles, which means all those new truck bugs have been found and repaired.

If you're in the market for a new truck for your operation, save yourself some time, money, and headaches by choosing a used model. Go to sites like for more information.